Photo by Vada Snider. Photo by Vada Snider.

Over the past nine months, I have sought to engage our students in conversations about Bethel’s values. Regardless of the group, freshmen through seniors, one of the common themes that emerges is community.

In fact, although many of them admit they weren't particularly looking for that when they chose Bethel, our freshmen learn quickly the value of community upon their arrival and speak emphatically of its importance to the Bethel experience.

Our alumni, faculty and staff also speak to the importance of community as a Bethel value and distinctive. Indeed, it seems that one of the shared experiences and common remembrances to which our alumni continue to relate is the treasure of community and relationships from their time at Bethel and beyond.

As this season of the greatest gift approaches, I want to thank you for your membership in the Bethel community and for your gifts that perpetuate that value on our campus.