Two curriculum additions for the next academic year include an Accounting concentration (part of a business major) and a certificate in Interprofessional Health Studies.

Accounting is an area of study often cited by Kansas high school graduates and our prospective students as a desired program, said Brad Born 84, vice president for academic affairs, and accounting and finance careers are an important track for college graduates.

Alumni such as Tyler Schroeder ’10, pictured here, regularly visit Bethel business classes to talk about career opportunities.  Photo by Vada Snider.Alumni such as Tyler Schroeder ’10, pictured here, regularly visit Bethel business classes to talk about career opportunities. Photo by Vada Snider.

Adding a Finance/Accounting concentration in our business administration major responds to that student need, and strengthens the business and economics department.

The Interprofessional Health Studies certificate is designed to bring together students with varied interests in health-related and human service professions to help them see their own chosen profession in the context of the many that provide health care and mental health care.

Increasingly, it is becoming more and more common for health-care and mental health-care providers to work together in professional teams, Born said.

That means each team member should be able to appreciate the contributions of those with professional training different from her/his own.

The 16-credit-hour Interprofessional Health Services certificate will include required courses in nutrition, health-care ethics, biopsychology and human service skills. An internship in a health-care setting will be another important requirement of the certificate.

Additional hours will be chosen based on the student’s interests— from athletic training, neuropsychology, counseling, social work, nursing or pathophysiology.

While existing faculty will cover the Interprofessional Health Services course requirements, the new concentration in Accounting also means a new faculty member in the business and economics department.

Yanxu Liu will teach accounting and finance courses beginning in fall 2014. She has a B.A. in accounting from Jilin Finance and Trade College, Changchun, China, an M.A. in management from Northeast Dianli University, Jilin, China, and a Ph.D. in economics from Utah State University.

The Department of Applied Economics at Utah State is closely allied with the School of Agriculture. Liu’s dissertation research focused on the effects of externalities on optimal control of invasive species.

At Utah State, Liu taught Mathematical Economics and advanced level courses for the Department of Applied Economics.

She previously taught accounting at Northeast Dianli University (where she was named Teacher of the Year in 2006) and statistics at the Worker’s College of Jilin Chemical Industry Group.

Liu also has practical experience in industry—six years as an accountant at Jilin Petrochemicals Ltd. and one year as head of the finance and accounting department at the same company. She is a member of the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants and is completing the U.S. uniform CPA exams.