The vision, mission and values statements of Bethel College are intended to be seen and evaluated as a unit.

Each provides insight into Bethel College but from different perspectives and with different objectives.

It is challenging to boil Bethel down into one sentence or phrase, said board member Deb Schmidt ’70, Newton, but it is necessary to succinctly provide direction to the work of the institution.

The three statements are akin to the Trinity, each individually descriptive of the whole but together seen as one guiding focus.

Vision Statement:

(adopted by the Bethel College Board of Directors, October 2011)
At Bethel College we welcome with open hearts, stimulate personal and spiritual discovery, transform through the power of community and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

Mission Statement:

(adopted by the Bethel College Board of Directors, October 2014)
Bethel College is an independent institution of higher education. The mission of the college is to prepare students, through active learning and rigorous instruction imbued with the spirit of liberal arts, to become critical thinkers and engaged global citizens.

Values Statement:

(adopted by the Bethel College Board of Directors, October 2014)
The vision and mission of Bethel College are grounded in the values inherited from its historical relationship with the Christian faith tradition of the Mennonite Church and intrinsic to its institutional character. We believe these values to be fundamental to our work together, as we seek to carry out the mission of the institution.

  • Discipleship: that prizes a high level of conviction and pursuit of authentic faith
  • Scholarship: that prizes intellectual curiosity and critical inquiry
  • Service: that prizes compassion and concern for the powerless
  • Integrity: that prizes honesty and accountability
  • Community: that prizes social connectivity and shared endeavor with o
  • Peace and Social Justice: that prizes commitment to a peaceful and just society
  • Diversity: that prizes all individuals for their unique combination of heritage, personality and talents