An evening of surrealist parlor games

Just in time for Halloween, the visual arts and literary studies departments, along with Bethel’s newly (re)named creative writing journal, YAWP, sponsored Exquisite Corpse: An evening of surrealist parlor games Oct. 28 in Mojo’s.Surrealist writers and artists of the early 20th century invented games to help open up the creative process, says Ami Regier ’85, professor of literary studies. At Mojo’s, students were invited to visit each table to try out the various options.

In the photos at left, students dug into the Exquisite Corpse drawing activity—three people to a team; one draws a head, one a torso and one the legs to create a single body. At right, from left, are Katie Schmidt, Liz Schrag, Kate Jolliff and Stephanie Brown.

The photo below shows the Exquisite Corpse poetry writing activity, which bears some resemblance to Mad Libs (sample line: The smelly fish punches crazily in bed). Clockwise from bottom left: Andrew Paulson, Ami Regier, Veronica Ziegler, Hannah Cebrun, Jenna Collins, Roderick Williams, Rashaka Lucas and Alexandra Shoup.