December 2014

TOC1214CoverA Family Affair

Three generations of social work graduates cover nearly three-fourths of the program’s 40-year history.

TOC1214InquiryA Bridge of community

Everybody has their own ideas about what constitutes “the Bethel experience.”  But one thing seems to show up consistently: community.

PCMarch13Thank you!

Over the past nine months, I have sought to engage our students in conversations about Bethel’s values. Regardless of the group, freshmen through seniors, one of the common themes that emerges is community.


TOC1214ATGAround The Green: december 2014

TOC1214CNCLASS NOTES: April 2014

TOC1214EncoreFinding the spirit of an iconic race

Since its first running in 1916, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb has become one of America’s most beloved and iconic automobile races.



TOC1214Forumat the crossroads of justice and caring

A social work graduate reflects on her past work with “vulnerable populations”—unaccompanied child immigrants and people caught in human trafficking or exploitive labor situations.